Plasti-Kleen which is used throughout the Automotive, Casino and Office Supply Industries, is renowned for its ability to clean, shine and protect polycarbonates, acrylics, abs or thermo plastics. Plasti-Kleen provides a micro-thin layer of protective coating which repels dust and lubricants,  is alcohol free, has anti-static inhibitors and protects against ultra violet rays.

Plasti-Kleen’s Coolant and Lubricant ( a Non- Petroleum based product) has been tested and proven by  the automotive industry ( i.e., Ford, General Motors, Chrysler
and Toyota) to extend the life cycle of the tooling more than 4 times and has a HAZ-MAT rating of all zeros for CNC’s, Milling, Stamping, Cutting, Drilling, etc.

PLASTI-KLEEN PRODUCT - for Smart and Dry Erase Boards that Cleans/Protects and will make your boards white again (Alcohol - Free).

PLASTI-KLEEN Product for your Surveillance Systems, Camera Lenses, Domes and Monitors.

Accessories, GPS Systems, Cell Phones, IPod, I Touch Screens, CD/DVD’s, BluRay, I-Phone  and Plasma  Screens

SAFETYDERM - is an alcohol-free unique, patented, FDA compliant anti-microbial hand sanitizing lotion that KILLS 99.9% Germs for 4 HOURS.


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