Fred Edmonds
CEO, Hess Advance Technology

To Win You Must Be A Success, And In Order To Be A Success, You Must Win

HESS Advanced Technology, Inc. maintains a world-class management team with direct knowledge and experience in the manufacturing and distribution industries, marketing and research areas. He is also a principle of RSG Industries LLC, a management and consulting firm for sales marketing and business development and affiliated service support markets and industries. RSGT focuses on the automotive, hospitalities, government markets, as well as HESS, related and affiliated service and support markets and industries.

HESS Advanced Technology Inc is an MBE and as such all investments made within our program will be reflected within your annual minority business spending total.Through our urban programs we plan to develop training and programs directed at this untapped market.

The objectives that HESS Advanced Technology Inc as for our corporate partners are as follows:

Increase net sales within urban & other markets

Expose more forward thinking entrepreneurs to the business model

Enhance the consumer brand awareness through targeted market and activity campaigns

Identify and facilitate co-marketing campaigns between our sponsors & partners

Enhance your status as a procurer of services from a minority  company

Demonstrate positive ROI for all efforts